A New Classification of Endo File Design

Dr. John T. McSpadden, DDS, accomplished practitioner, entrepreneur and inventor of endodontic instruments, announces the launch of his latest venture, NanoEndo LLC. Based in Chattanooga Tennessee, NanoEndo is introducing and marketing a completely new type endodontic file, with plans for introducing other file designs falling under his recently patented category of endodontic instruments.

In 1997, Dr. McSpadden designed a computer controlled endodontic file evaluator and conducted over 2,000 tests to determine key performance metrics for nearly every commercially available endodontic file. As Dr. McSpadden compiled data, he began writing what would ultimately serve as the foundational elements of his award winning book, Mastering Endodontic Instrumentation, published in 2007.

Since the book’s release, Dr. McSpadden constructed a second, more advanced, computer controlled endodontic file evaluator. “As I tested more and more files, the relationships between specific design elements and their performance became self-evident. Consequently, elements for an optimally designed file became apparent. I recognized the opportunity to create a totally new genre of file design, succeeded in obtaining a patent for it, and created the One Endo™ file, the first endodontic file to feature two different tapers side-by-side and designed entirely on evidence based criteria.” said McSpadden.

The formation of NanoEndo LLC originated from McSpadden’s desire to bring the One Endo™ file to market while simultaneously creating the most comprehensive informational resource on endodontic file design and performance available to anyone with an Internet connection. JT McSpadden, Dr. McSpadden’s son and business partner, stated, “My dad’s visions and ventures have never been simple – NanoEndo is no exception; it’s about much more than simply marketing a new endodontic file. He really wanted to create a means by which anyone could advance their practice by taking full advantage of file designs informed by his decades of research. It’s why he literally wrote the book on instrumentation, and why he called upon my expertise in digital multimedia to create NanoEndo.com.”

NanoEndo.com will function as the central marketplace for purchasing the One Endo™ file and other assorted products. Additionally, NanoEndo.com will feature a section dedicated entirely to sharing results from the Endo File Evaluator (nanoendo.com/evaluator). Results of research will be available to view through info-graphics displayed alongside video clips of respective tests as they occurred.


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