EXO Endo File Impresses Southeastern Endodontics’ Dr. Brock

Courtesy of Matthew Brock, DDS, MSD

Courtesy of Matthew Brock, DDS, MSD

Shortly after sending him his first packs of EXO Endo files, we received this outstanding feedback from Matthew Brock, DDS, MSD of Southeaster Endodontics:

“After cleaning and shaping the canal system for this tooth I was able to feel that the apex was a size 35 to 40 with .02 tapered instruments.  After a 30/.06 EXO File went to length with great ease, I opened the apex to a 40/.02 & then followed with a 35/.06 EXO File without issue  (in a 78 degree curvature with a fulcrum pt. of curvature 8mm from the apex, the diameter of the EXO 35/06file the would be .83mm).  The EXO File is incredibly flexible when compared with other files on the market.  If you had told me I would take a 35/.06 to the apex of a MB root just a few years ago I would have imagined a hogged out canal with no flow, and in the case of this tooth I would have seen disaster written all over it.  The EXO File negotiated the canals effortlessly and will remain in my armamentarium.”

We appreciate Dr. Brock taking his time to let us know about his experience using EXO Endo files and hope you can find the time to try them for yourself. And if you feel you don’t have the time to try our files yourself, it just means you can’t afford not to.

2 thoughts on “EXO Endo File Impresses Southeastern Endodontics’ Dr. Brock

  1. Hello,
    In this case did you follow the guides of the zone technique? How did you prepare the fulcrum (0.83 mmm) in order to use safely the 35/06? Thank you in advance.

    • Excellent question and one that demonstrates you are paying attention. The answer is no; the zone technique was not followed by Dr. Brock. I would never have attempted this result as the risk-benefit was too great. It does, however, illustrate the file superior capabilities and certainly a result that I’m not sure that could be accomplished with any other file. My thought is, nevertheless, it takes no longer to be safe than sorry no matter that the exception is impressive.
      An essential component of instrumentation is thought. Please keep it up.
      Thank you,

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