Join Us for a Complimentary Seminar

The Efficient and Productive Endodontic Practice:  Dr. JohnT.McSpadden

If you save a penny and double it every day, it only takes 27 days to become a millionaire. We are familiar with the power of compound returns but sometimes the power of accumulative returns escapes us, particularly in our practice. Ponder this as an endodontist: If you complete 6 cases a day and if you save 10 minutes for each case for 50 weeks, you would “save” over 31 eight hour work days in a year. If not saved, perhaps “wasted” is a more accurate term.

I became so impressed with the accumulative returns concept that my practice became a laboratory for developing proficiency. That involved collecting ideas from scores of practices for over 40 years and designing over 30 patented files and techniques for efficiency to become one of the most productive practices in the nation. The potential gains when you maximize how efficiently you perform can be astronomical. Nothing, however, has given me more satisfaction than being able to learn from your and others’ expertise and to combine them with my unique experiences in the form of seminars.

We condense the NanoEndo seminar to 1 concentrated, full day for developing all aspects of practice efficiency, but especially on how files and preparation techniques can dramatically and uncompromisingly provide “accumulative” returns. Conversely, we point out that one might spend way too much time on things that don’t matter.

Our approach:

  • First an examination of the sequence of file development will be used to recognize what and why file features and seminar-imagetechniques constitute advantages and disadvantages.
  • Determine and test for time/risk benefits and limitations of any file and technique.
  • Determine when to use fewer or more files during canal preparation for results and time conservation.
  • Determine a file’s limitation and maximize its capability.
  • Determine the appropriate files and technique to use relative to the canal anatomy.
  • Determine how to minimize stress and maximize efficiency during canal preparation.
  • Discover how the files and techniques you now use compare with the alternatives while using the computerized clinical simulator.
  • Discover how to practice at the speed of thought; there are no “cookbook”step by step procedures.
  • Learn how to reduce the things that “don’t matter”.
  • Learn how to use a formula to identify and use “accumulative” returns in all aspects of your practice from the “hello to the goodbye” of patient treatment.

Our objective is not to tell you what to think or even being an advocate, but rather to help in making discoveries. We invite you to join us for the Nov.13, 2015 COMPLIMENTARY Seminar, but let us know soon to best accommodate you. Email or call us directly at 844.ONE.FILE (844.663.3453).

Our seminars are held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one of the South’s top travel destinations. In fact, the New York Times named Chattanooga one of the “Top 45 Places to go” in the World.  Only four US destinations were named and the Scenic City was the only place outside of California.  And it’s no wonder, tucked away between the mountains of Southeast Tennessee and along the beautiful Tennessee River. We hope you will decide to bring your family and spend some time here.