Combined Effort

NanoEndo is committed to advancing endodontics by empowering its practitioners; a feat we believe requires active participation and feedback from them to help us evaluate the real-world relevancy of our ongoing research and evolving designs. Our hope is that NANOENDO.COM will act as a hub to unite us with the endodontic community and facilitate refinement and expansion of our research and understanding within the community as a whole. In addition to offering Dr. McSpadden’s Mastering Endodontic Instrumentation available as a free download and posting results from our ongoing evaluations of endodontic files, we are extending an open invitation to request additional tests for us to perform on the Evaluator v2. The only thing we ask in return, is that your requested tests’ results may be published. Whether it’s a new protocol for testing parameters or a particular file you’re interested in, we invite you to REQUEST-A-TEST and help elevate endodontic instrumentation to the next level.