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Dr. John T. McSpadden has devoted decades to advancing endodontics by implementing basic physics to endodontic instrumentation. His work lead to great success in his own practice while his impressive list of patented designs and market introductions established him as a thought leader in the industry. As Dr. McSpadden moved toward retiring from his practice, his interest in instrumentation inspired him to build a computer controlled clinical simulator to evaluate key performance indicators of his and others’ endodontic file designs. His research lead to authoring his award winning book, Mastering Endodontic Instrumentation.

While others might have been inclined to retire completely from such exhaustive research, Dr. McSpadden viewed his retirement as an opportunity to convey the findings of research through lecturing and to build a second-generation file evaluator using higher resolution torque and pressure transducers and a sophisticated servo motor to improve upon the first evaluator’s existing framework. Armed with the Evaluator v2 and a discontent for unsubstantiated claims found in endodontic file marketing materials, Dr. McSpadden continues testing his own and others’ file designs to determine their efficacy.

Dr. McSpadden’s pursuit of ideal instrumentation and his desire to advance endodontics form the foundation upon which NanoEndo is built. However, he realizes that knowledge does not necessarily preclude understanding. This is why we hope you will participate by following our research, trying our instruments, and suggesting features and protocols for additional testing and future designs.


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evaluator v2 test data

Based upon the original framework of the Evaluator v1, Evaluator v2 was completed in 2013 and features more advanced torque and pressure transducers that exhibit greater sensitivity and higher resolution of data points than their predecessors. The Evaluator v2 also features a powerful and precise servomotor with an advanced controller powered by a touch screen laptop and custom program. This new iteration of the Evaluator is simpler to use, boasts a dramatic increase in recorded data points along a graph displayed in real-time, and v2 allows us to digitally archive results for review and online presentment of data. Because of the interactive nature of NANOENDO.COM, we also employ a high definition video camera alongside Evaluator v2 to record testing and enhance your experience while reviewing results and making comparisons.


evaluator v1 test data

Built in 1997, Dr. McSpadden’s Evaluator v1 completed several thousand clinical simulations to objectively analyze the performance of many popular endodontic files. Results from this testing informed much of the content of Dr. McSpadden’s book, Mastering Endodontic Instrumentation. While we have made every effort to make this data accessible online, it is most effective when taken in context of the full publication. Mastering Endodontic Instrumentation is available as a free download or may be purchased in its hard-back form through the NANOENDO STORE.